A Few Words About Us

who we are and our history

A few years ago we decided to open our restaurant

Our Restaurant was established in May, 25 2010. Since then it has grown to more than 10 restaurants worldwide and plans continue to extend, that is not the end of the story…We have a passion for the Italian way of life and want to share it with people, no matter where they’re from, just good food for everyone.
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Recipe from Our Chef

This recipe must be done a day before planning to serve.
Making fresh pasta is easier than you think! Use only fresh tomatoes and basil since canned and dried don’t translate well. To amp up the protein,
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More than You Can Imagine

What our restaurant offers

Delicious dishes

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The best service

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The best dishes with the freshest ingredients

Our dishes has become the most favorite cuisine for people around the world. We take pride in a variety of our authentic dishes and the highest quality of our food. Enjoy the exceptional flavor of what you’re eating.

Restauracja Nasza Kuchnia

Kompleks Dzielna - ul. Pawia 55 (wejście od ul. Dzielnej 60)

01-030 Warszawa, tel. 22.349.25.15, email: info[@]naszakuchnia.com.pl